Monday, October 17, 2011

sidonie jennifer

i have heard many amazing stories in my almost 30 years of being on this earth. really deep, moving and jaw dropping stories. but they are always about someone that someone's neighbor knows or your cousin's husband's grandpa has a friend that knew a lady get the idea. still touching, but pretty removed from my immediate life. well, recently it hit a lot closer to home. and although it still didn't pertain directly to me, it totally rocked me to my core. God. is. good. 

meet virginie. i met this sweet french soul in swim class when coen was 5 months old, and her sweet boy faustin was 7 months old. despite having post baby bodies and wearing swim suits, we connected. our friendship grew as our boys did and we always enjoyed each others company. she is my go-to when i am feeling overwhelmed in my mama duties. we chat online almost everyday, and i know that i can always always count on her to be around when i need someone to talk to.  

in august virginie found out that she was expecting twins. she was frightened, and scarred. i mean, twins! eek! i think most anyone would be overwhelmed with that news. i prayed with her, i prayed for her, i asked many of you to pray for her. day by day she felt more relaxed, more ready, and more capable. at 10 weeks she miscarried. an ultrasound showed the two fetus' with no heartbeats. she had a d&c and spent the next several weeks trying to recover. we started to pray for comfort, for peace, and for healing. 

recently virginie went in to see her OB. she just hasn't felt quite like herself since the miscarriage. she gave it time, tried to rest, but things just weren't quite right. suspecting that some tissue may have been left behind after the d&c, the dr went ahead and did an ultrasound. 

guess what they found? a 17 week old baby girl just hanging out, measuring exactly the same age as the twins would have been. a THIRD baby that despite all possibilities survived the d&c and looked to be completly healthy. 

shut. your. mouth. 

the drs can't explain it, everyone is kind of scratching their heads in wonder. this little lady has passed all medical testing with flying colors. through this whole experience my prayer for virginie was that God would radically show himself to her. well, geesh...ask and you shall receive

a couple nights ago virginie asked me if they could use my name as a middle name for this sweet baby girl. 

i am humbled. i am honored. i am thrilled. 

sweet little sidonie jennifer, i cannot wait to meet you! 

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