Saturday, October 8, 2011

bucket list: nature hike

this morning we headed up to hawaii volcanoes national park and took a very delightful hike. i am feeling conflicted about calling this hike our {official bucket list nature hike}, but the heck with it! i am checking it off the list. done. 

our hike took us down into the kilauea caldera . coen made sure to read the sign and keep us on track. 

the hike down was very lush. 

it was also very very beautiful. 

hip hip horray! 

we made it!

coen was a champ hiker. he would walk/explore/throw rocks, then he would take a break in the backpack and sing us some good tunes. have a mentioned that i totally dig this kid?! 

from the caldera we could see across to wes' office. perched up right on the rim. is it crazy to you that this is his idea of an office? yeah, me too.

it should also crazy to you that coen is growing up thinking that it's just no big deal to hike though the crater of an active volcano. 

a beautiful hike with my favorite boys. 

one. lucky. mama. 

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