Monday, October 24, 2011

bucket list: patchin'

over the weekend we ventured out on a mission to pick a fresh pumpkin off the vine at kohala mountain pumpkin patch. this was the second year the patch was open, and apparently they had a much lower crop than last year. in fact, they were only going to be open for one weekend, and they sold out in just 4 hours! i wish we had gotten there earlier, but am still so glad we made the was beautiful! even though it was slim pickins by the time we arrived we still came home with a couple fresh picked pumpkins! 

we really were spoiled in washington state with magnificent pumpkin patches. all you people that still get to frolic through endless crops and hunt for hours for just the perfect pumpkin, please do not take it for granted. and if i can ask a huge favor, please take in a moment of patch bliss for me while you are there. with that said, this experience felt a little bit like home and i am so thankful i could honestly cross it off my fall bucket list without cheating! 

off they go...looking for a pumpkin, any pumpkin! 

alas, we found some pumpkins! 

it's true, this pumpkin now lives on our front steps. 

peaceful moments in the patch.

patchin' is hard work! 

oh how i heart my pumpkin patch family! 

a little flashback from last years patchin' fun! 

after patchin' we enjoyed the beautiful views and had a picnic lunch.

our picnic included a good 'ol meltdown. 

30 seconds later, seriously. 

can you say, jekyll and hyde?

oh pumpkins, how i love thee! 

see you again next year! 

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