Monday, October 3, 2011

hiking buddies

on saturday morning wes packed coen up and took him for a hike in hawaii volcanoes national park. i love that they love each other and i especially love that they have so much fun together. i sat this hike out (at the salon!) but got picture updates throughout the day, and well it totally made my heart smile. 

wes said that coen wanted to "hike like a big boy" most of the way. 

he also said that this made the hike take forever...

"look at my treasures!" 

"i want to bang on this tree!" 

"look, it's my house!" 

bless him. 

i did enjoy my morning at the salon, but after i saw these pictures i was a little jealous. this trail looks soooo beautiful and woodsy. wes promises to take me there. tomorrow. okay, not tomorrow...but soon! 

my two favorite guys in the whole wide world. 

yes coen, even "big boys" need to take a break once and awhile. 

love these smiling eyes. 

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