Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a big adventure

alright folks, this is a crazy long post. i will keep the writing to a minimum, there were just to many good pics from our big fun adventure in the snow today. yes, this is the edited version. 

there may be a shortage of snow this year, but in no way a shortage of fun. gami and pop pop took us to the perfect place to sled, ski, and be merry. 

well, have a look for yourself. 

here begins the documentation of coen's first ski! such a big boy.

after walking around a bit he was ready to try out a small slope. 

high fives all around. what a rock star! 

time to get back on the sled for some real time sledding.

after we got back to the car, he walked up to pop pop and with no propt from wes or i he said, "that was a really fun adventure pop pop!" 

yes it was sweet boy. and there i much more were that came from. 

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