Friday, December 2, 2011

do you elf?

on the shelf that is. this quirky little elf has become quite the item this year, even a mini-made-for-tv-movie. i met my nieces elf, jaxon, last year but still wasn't totally sure what the whole fuss was about. 

just in case you don't know what i am talking about i will catch you up. the main idea is that the elf is sent to your family from the north pole and his sole purpose is to report back to santa each night...naughty or nice? then, before you awake the elf returns back to your home and waits for you in a new location every morning. 

if you aren't doing the whole "santa thing" with your family, then you probably should stop reading here, or maybe this is already too much. sorry. 

we believe in santa. i am not talking about the jolly fat man that lives at the north pole. that is just a silly story that for whatever reason lights up the eyes of my child. but the spirit, the magic, the love, the giving, the joy, the believing in something bigger than yourself, something you can't see...we believe in that. for whatever reason, i have yet to struggle with the issue of santa or the easter bunny. the party is for Jesus, the rest of the hoopla are the party favors. 

after all, i am santa and i am real. 

and my heart behind creating this magical world for my child is pure and focused on Him. 

okay, so back to the elf. the cute little guy comes with a beautiful book that explains the elf's very important job. the first thing you must do is name your elf, so that he can get his magic to travel back to santa each night. it sounds a little creepy, i agree. but in the innocent eyes of a child it is not creepy or scary at all. believe me, i know. 

this takes me to the real reason for this post. last night we received our elf (sent to us by my adorable nieces). again, i was not 100% sure what the whole thing was about before he arrived. it took no time at all for coen to grab onto the magic of the elf, and before we knew it we were full fledged elfing. 

meet finn, our newest family tradition.  

i can't wait to share all the shenanigans our little finn will be up to this season! 

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