Thursday, December 8, 2011

the lovvy

each morning before we start our daily adventures we head down to the lobby of the hotel, grab a starbucks and have a date next to the christmas tree. 

there are only a few words that coen mispronounces. actually, i can only think of one. to him the lobby, is the lovvy. and when i call it the lobby, he corrects me. so i guess he just really wants it to be called that. i don't blame him, v's are fun to say. 

the other day i let him take some photos. he was very professional. this same day that camera was stolen. saddest day ever. i have threatened to stop blogging, and cancel all things fun...unless i get a new camera. what is the point in all this if i can't properly document it?! for all your sake, i hope a new camera is in my near future, or i may have to cancel um well... life.

so the real secret to the lovvy is that there is a this super cool toy train set up, and you stick your room key in to start it. coen runs it about 15 times every morning, and has derailed it twice. yes, he loves that train. 

i have decided that i will leave san francisco without a fight. but only if a starbucks opens up on the first floor of my house, and wes installs and elevator. and huge christmas tree, and a cool train, and why we are at it, hires a maid that goes up and makes the bed while we are down enjoying our lovvy. 


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