Friday, December 9, 2011

san francisco zoo

yesterday coen and i headed out for a day at the zoo. this week has been SO beautiful. blue sky, not a cloud to be seen and pretty much NO fog. i think we have had more sun this week than hilo has seen in awhile, it's just a little chiller. about 20 degrees chillier. i am loving it! 

we had to take the muni train out to the zoo, and the whole experience was pretty smooth. it is always stressful to jump on a train and not be 100% sure what to do next. but we did it, and i feel victorious about it. 

this is a beautiful zoo. very spread out and park like. we could have stayed for 4 more hours, but nap time was calling and my feet hurt. the reindeer where visiting, getting all fattened up to pull the jolly man's sleigh. coen was mostly excited to play on all the bronze statues of animals, and of course the steam train ride was his most favorite part. just in case you care, i was all about the giraffes. the giraffe exhibit is top notch. 

i love having a kid to justify all these fun outings. total perk to being a parent, you get to be a kid again. 

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