Sunday, December 4, 2011

good morning, city!

it was so fun to wake up in the city this morning. our plane got in late last night, and we went to bed super late (i blame hawaii). i was ecstatic that coen actually slept in. hotels seem like a guarantee for a bad nights sleep. thankfully coen slept great, and so did wes. me, not so much. but waking up in the bustling city was a perk. 

however, the highlight of the day was that gami and pop pop drove over to spend the day with us. we walked and walked and walked around the city. coen was pretty bummed that they had to leave, but lucky for him we will be spending lots of time with them soon. 

if was a beautiful sunny day in the bay!

right now coen's goal in life is to not smile nicely at the camera. so i have to get him when he isn't paying attention, or settle for silly pants pictures. he leaves me no choice. 

after all that fun we headed up to the room for a nice nap. my sweet little baby has officially outgrown the pack n play and is sleeping great on this new toddler aerobed. i don't know how this happened...really, where does time go? 

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