Tuesday, December 6, 2011

pier 39

yesterday coen and i set out on a big adventure to pier 39. i would have documented our travels, but i was so incredibly overwhelmed by the busy city i thought picture taking would be dangerous. the good news is that i got us from our hotel to the wharf flawlessly. and the even better news is that i was not at all overwhelmed by the city today. i got this down. 

pier 39 is such a wonderful place.  

our first order of business was the aquarium of the bay. 

to say coen loved it would be an understatement.  

every time he would see a fish, (about 1,000 times per minute) coen would point and say, "ohhhhh mama!" he didn't yell it, he said it very very slow and soft. 

he was totally in awe of all those fishy friends.

the touching pools were a big hit for the 2 year old that always hear, "ah ah ah, look with your eyes."  

i let him pick anything he wanted from the gift shop. he picked this giant shark. i wonder how much longer i can get away with this, before he starts picking the expensive stuff?

to my surprise he is totally loving the carousels. our last experience left him terrified, but now he just can't get enough. it is a little fun cause i still "have" to ride with him. 

the sea lions where a real disappointment. they must have been out to lunch or something. coen was so bored with them that he put on a show for all the other bored people. 

a quick shot of the street car we rode home. we might do nothing but ride street cars tomorrow, since that was coen most favorite part of the day. 

i am already feeling sad that we can't stay here forever. i mean come on, i leave the room a mess and come back to fresh towels and a well made bed every day. starbucks is an elevator ride away, and the christmas spirit is flowing through the city streets. 

don't make me leave. i beg you. 

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