Friday, December 23, 2011

ice sledding

what happens when it is 12ish degrees at night, but not snowing? the lakes freeze over! fun, right? it really is super cool and a little scary...but mostly beautiful. this lake is just down the road from the house and we hopped over there a couple days ago for yet another frozen adventure. 

we didn't think coen was quite ready for ice skates, but he loved being pulled around on this sled. pompa (wes' mom's dad) made this sled in his wood shop class in grade school. we are guessing it is at least 70 years old. it was the perfect ride for gliding around on the frozen lake. 


the ice is 10-12 inches thick and constantly settling and cracking. i was a bit nervous at first, but quickly got over that because it was just so stinking cool. the sound of the cracking ice bouncing around the lake  is so cool and totally impossible to describe. so i won't try. 

 pompa himself pulling the little adventurer around.

and the best for last, pop pop showed off his ice skating skills. the dogs helped. 

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