Friday, December 30, 2011

a very merry christmas

i have so SO much blogging to catch up on. every time i think about sitting down to do it, i realize i will miss out on another adventure. then i start to feel guilty, like i shouldn't stop living my life just cause the blog isn't up to date. slowly but surely i will get it all on here. i promise. 

we all had a wonderful christmas in truckee. coen was so fun and really had the christmas spirit. i just love this kid, and all of his precious cuteness. i also love that every year seems to exceed the last. i hope it just stays that way, always getting sweeter. 

heading up to see what santa brought. 

after all that gift opening we headed out to the frozen lake for some ice skating. coen really couldn't leave his new trike behind, so we took it with us. uncle bubs pulled him around on the ice and it was pretty much the most fun you could have on a frozen lake with a trike. 

i think frozen lakes are scary, but also so cool. and a lot of fun.

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