Thursday, December 8, 2011

jolly old saint nick

what is better than a picture with santa? a FREE picture with santa. we happened upon a very high tech santa at the mall in downtown san fran. microsoft is sponsoring these free pictures in cities all over the country, so check to see if there is one in your area. they take a few pictures, then send you to a fancy computer station where a friendly microsoft elf helps you email the pictures to yourself and prints out one free picture. 

annnnd our santa was SO super nice and jolly and coen loved him. LOVED him. 

oh, and he gave out full size candy canes. 

and, i got one too. 

there was a small misunderstanding. coen really in his heart thought that santa would give him what he asked for right then and there. i didn't realize this till we were walking away and coen was yelling to santa, "where is my new really big airplane?!" 

he was crushed all night. poor guy. 

anyway, the older i get the more strange it seems to visit santa at the mall. but you know, to coen it is perfectly normal and he really really loved it. so, there you go. 

oh, and santa please bring that really big airplane. but you can go ahead and pass on the weed-eater he keeps asking for.

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